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The Bridge of Betrayal

Today is the completion date of the Bridge of Betrayal connecting the Cliffs of Parting.
The king was going to cross the bridge firsthand and do a ribbon cutting.
But was it because it was made by the workers who didn't get paid for two months?
The bridge fell down before he even stepped on it.

Fortunately there was a giant sleeping under the cool shadow of cliff.
The stone bridge fell above the giant's head.

The king, who was just thinking about the coolest way to execute the workers, gently asked the giant.
"Stay standing because people have to cross the bridge.
I will be back to repair the bridge and reward you generously."
The nice giant granted his request.

A day passed, a week passed, a decade passed and the king never returned.
The king told people.
"Tell the giant, 'the King is coming here, riding the four-horses with nine eyes carriage.'"
The giant believed their story and supported the bridge.

Luckily, the giant has turned into stone after centuries.
And the idiom 'the king riding a four-horses with nine eyes carriage' was used as an absurd lie that only naivest of all will believe.